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Suzhou Lexsong Co., Ltd

Suzhou Lexsong is specialized in supplying various electric vehicles including 2-wheel electric vehicles, 3-wheel electric vehicles and 4-wheel electric vehicles. The 2-wheel electric vehicle includes electric bike, electric scooter, electric skateboard and electric motorcycle. The 3-wheel electric vehicle includes passenger mover and cargo delivery tricycle. The 4-wheel electric vehicle includes golf cart, lifted car, utility car, sightseeing car, industrial vehicle,etc.. Besides the electric vehicle, Suzhou Lexsong also provides parts and accessories for above electric vehicles.

The founders of Suzhou Lexsong have benn in electric vehicle business for more than 10 years. With its expertise and excellent service, Suzhou Lexsong can be your reliable partner in China for electric vehicles and accessories.

Electric vehicle has been more and more popular and more and more important, we believe it will change people’s life significantly. We Suzhou Lexsong are ready to change people’s life together with you.