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More than 166,000 units electric cars were registred in April globally, 29% increasing year to year

Jun. 03, 2019 Share

As per EV Sales, this April, more than 166,000 units electric cars were registered globally, a year-to-year 29% increasing. And from January to April, 662,000 units electric cars were sold globally, increased by 52% comparing to last year. 17464 units Telsa Model 3 were sold in April which became the top seller, 6428 units BYD Yuan EV were sold which follows Telsa Model 3, occupied the second place, following by, Geely Emgrand EV (5225 units), BAC EU Series (4738 units),Nissan Leaf (4378 units), etc. And from January to April, Telsa Model 3 is also the top seller, BYD Yuan EV is the scond, Nissan Leaf is the third, BAC EU is the third. Among the top 20 models electric cars, 9 ones are from China. And Chinese market contributes most of the sales of other brands too. Obeviously, China has become the cost market of EV in the world, and also the manufacturing centre of EV in the world.